On the Right Path! II

(The implementation of new resocialization programs and restorative justice programs for juvenile criminal offenders; strengthening expert cooperation among institutions)

The project “On the Right Path! II” focuses on developing and implementing innovative ways of dealing with juvenile delinquency. The project is a continuation of the project “On the Right Path!” implemented by the Probation and Mediation Service in 2012-2015. The project expands activities of the formerly created Youth Offending Teams in four judicial districts of the Czech Republic and deploys their practice in six other newly selected judicial districts. Another objective of the project is to give the employees of the Probation and Mediation Service the evidence-proven expertise of family group conferences and thus expand the practice to all judicial districts in the country. The third objective of the project is the training of trainers who work with violent juvenile offenders. The activity is called “Against Violence” and will be implemented in three districts of the Czech Republic. In the follow-up project, the program will be redesigned for use with young adult violent offenders.