General Information about the Czech Republic

  • Number of inhabitants: 10,000,000
  • Prison population rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 197
  • Member of the CEP in: 2009

Characteristics of the Probation and Mediation Service

  • The Probation and Mediation Service was established in 2001.
  • It is a governmental component unit subordinate to the Ministry of Justice.
  • The basic probation units are the regional service centres.
  • There are 74 service centres in the Czech Republic in eight judicial regions

The mission and objectives of the Czech Probation and Mediation Service

The Probation and Mediation Service aims to offer effective and socially beneficial solution of crime-related conflicts and at the same time organises and provides for efficient and dignified execution of alternative sentences and measures with emphasis on victim interests, community protection and crime prevention. The Czech Probation and Mediation Service is a new institution in criminal policy and is based on the co-operation of two professions – social work and law, in particular criminal law. A balanced merger of the two professions creates a new multi-disciplinary profession in the criminal justice system.

Objectives of its activity

Offender integration – the Probation and Mediation Service aims to reintegrate offenders back to the community with no further re-offending. Integration is a process leading to the restoration of offender’s respect for the legal status of the society, his/her capability and self-actualisation.

Victim participation – the Probation and Mediation Service strives to involve the victim in the „process“ of his/her own restitution, to restore his/her feeling of safety, his/her integrity and confidence in justice.

Community protection – the Probation and Mediation Service contributes to community protection with effective solution of conflict and risk situations related to criminal proceedings and with efficient execution of alternative sentences and measures.


  • The probation tasks consist mainly of the enforcement of community sanctions (community service, house arrest, entry ban, supervision of conditionally sentenced offenders, supervision of conditionally released offenders and duties related to it).
  • The enforcement of community sanctions means mainly client work in form of supervision and reporting
  • The duties also include control tasks, such as intervention in breaches during the enforcement, and interactive work, which aims to reduce recidivism.
  • Additionally, the client is assisted in getting the services they need from society, e.g. substance rehabilitation. The amount of these kinds of case management tasks is increasing in the probation service.
  • To an increasing extent, the tasks also consist of evidence-based interventions and case management.
  • The Probation and Mediation Service provides assistance to the victims of crime, victim-offender mediation and other restorative practices.

New developments

  • Establishment of a network of halfway houses and resocialisation centres
  • Deepening cooperation with relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide comprehensive services to both offenders and victims of crime