Message from the Director General

Ladies and gentlemen.

We have approached the second half of the year and it is time to evaluate what we have so far achieved, and look forward to new challenges and assignements that are a driving force of our work. The beginnning of the year was marked by the European Day for Victims of Crime which achieved a great response. I would like to thank to all Service Centers and the Police of the Czech Republic for cooperation. The Police is our reliable and professional partner with which we can significantly help to the crime victims.

Since the beginning of the year we have continued with our “Tour” across the Czech Republic. You might have already noticed that you have met probation staff in your town and learned more about our work, or we might have provided you with help on spot with some uneasy issue or life situation. These meetings with the public taking place in libraries, squares or during town events will go on in the second half of 2023 and we look forward to meet you there. Our cooperation with international partners, particularly from the Slovak Republic, have continued as well by exchanging the best practice ans sharing expertise.

It is obvious that we will work on our day-to-day agenda, provide professional services to offenders and crime victims, work towards reducing recidivism rates, support for positive changes in lives of our clients, help redress harm caused by the crime. You can always contact us no matter which part of the Czech Republic you come from. Our Service Centres are located all across the country.

I hope that we will continue to succeed in improving the practice of criminal justice and contribute to the wider application of alternative sanctions and restorative programs in our country.

Andrea Matouskova