Meeting on mutual cooperation with the Prosecutor General

Igor Stříž a Andrea Matoušková

Dr Andrea Matouskova, Director General of the Probation and Mediation Service, has hold a meeting with Dr Igor Striz, Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor General´s Office to evaluate on cooperation between the two organisations.

„We have discussed the decisions on parole and cooperation amongst the Probation and Mediation Service and state prosecutors before the decision on parole is issued, application of V-O mediation in practice, restorative conferences in the criminal proceedings etc. Our conversation also centred around alternative measures nad sanctions which are the core activity for the Service“, said Dr Striz.

„Mutual cooperation amongst probation officers and state prosecutors has always been essential to the process of criminal proceedings and good work in the criminal justice. I am glad that during the meeting we had a chance to discuss about the amendments which brought new and very needed powers to the practice of probation officers“, added Dr Matouskova.

MgA. Martin Bačkovský, spokesperson of the Probation and Mediation Service
Mgr. Petr Malý, spokesperson of Prosecutor General´s Office