Probation and Mediation Work

The Act on Probation and Mediation Service defines probation and mediation. Probation is defined as “organization and execution of supervision over the offender, the charged or the convicted person (hereafter "offender"), monitoring of the enforcement of sentences not linked to imprisonment, including assigned duties and restrictions, monitoring the behaviour of the convicted during a probation period of a sentence suspended from imprisonment, also individual assistance to the offender and influencing them so that they carry on a proper life style, meet the conditions set by the court or state prosecutor, and thus remediate the disturbed legal and social relations.”[1]

Mediation is defined as “out-of-court mediation with the aim of solving a conflict between the offender and the victim and activities leading to solving a conflict situation, which are carried out in relation to criminal proceedings. Mediation can be done only with explicit consent from the offender and the victim.”[2]

The Probation and Mediation Service carries out the enforcement of alternative punishments – community service, house arrest, and the prohibition to enter sporting, cultural and social events. It enforces probation supervision as a measure replacing custody or an adequate measure in case of a conditional release, conditional sentence, and as a measure replacing alcoholism treatment. In the area of juvenile criminal justice, the Probation and Mediation Service performs supervision over minors under 15 that committed an act that would otherwise be considered a crime and, in the case of young offenders, it enforces protective and punitive measures.

The Services prepares reports required for decisions taken by the competent authorities (public prosecutors and courts), seeks preliminary agreement on alternative punishments (especially community service and house arrest), and arranges restorative programs; victim-offender mediation, and restorative conferences. All the activities are always carried out in accordance with national methodological standards.


[1] Ourednickova, L., Stern, P., Doubravova, D. (2008), in Kalmnthout A. M, Durnescu (eds.): Probation in Europe, Wolf Legal Publishers,, p. 2/14.

[2] Ibidem, p. 2/14.


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