Restorative Justice Week

The Restorative Justice Week is held annually during the third week of November. The Probation and Mediation Service first joined the Restorative Justice Week in November 2017. The aim of the RJ Week is to promote and increase awareness of restorative justice among the public. In a restorative justice concept we understand crime as a social conflict which causes harm to people, relationships, and the community.  The objectives of restorative justice are to support victims, encourage them to express their needs, enable them to participate in the resolution process. Everyone affected by a particular incident is enabled to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward. Offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and its consequences, confront themselves with the personal impact of their crime.  

2018 Restorative Justice Week

The RJ Week took place from 19th November to 30th November 2018. It involved more than 20 events such as documentary screenings, debates, lectures, mock interviews for ex-offenders, evaluation sessions of the PMS Centres with cooperating organizations. More than 15 PMS centres got involved in the RJ Week.

2019 Restorative Justice Week

17th November - 24th November 2019


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