Mediation Days

Victim-offender mediation is one of the main activities carried out by the Probation and Mediation Service. We predominantly focus on mediation in criminal cases. The mediation is carried out by professionals with knowledge of relevant legislation, as well as skilled in communication and negotiation.

The third Thursday of October is marked as Conflict Resolution Day. On the occasion of Conflict Resolution Day the first Mediation Settlement Day in the Czech Republic took place in 2016. Nevertheless, we find important to say that the probation officers had attended school discussions, organized debates and lectured in various public, non-governmental and private organizations long before the offical event was launched and they have contiued to do so.

The aim of the Mediation Settlement Day is to spread information on mediation (what it is, who and when you can contact, how it works, etc) and promote the concept of mediation among the public. The mediation is not only used in criminal cases, e.g. when negotiating damage repair but in civil cases as well, e.g. when getting divorced, facing harassment at work place.

The Mediation Settlement Day is primarily aimed on high school, university students and broad public on one side, and various specialists and professionals such as mediators, probation officers, lawyers, social workers, etc on the other side. Panel discussions, film screenings, various presentations, mock face-to-face mediations or seminars take place.






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