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Prisoners and ex-convicts will try to make it and get a job


in a Practical Job Interview Training at the hotel Hilton Prague

The twenty-five-year-old Michaela is currently serving her sentence in a Prison Světlá nad Sázavou. She knows well it was her mistake that sent her to prison in the past, and she is firmly determined not to repeat it again. Michaela works hard to complete her education in the prison and plans to get a good job after her release: she hopes to start a new chapter in her life in the future. Michaela is one of the five inmates who will attend the Practical Job Interview Training on Wednesday 24 May together with 14 former convicts. The event is organized within the Career Counseling by the hotels Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town and the non-profit organization RUBIKON Centre.

The interviews will be followed by a Yellow Ribbon Run training for O2 Prague Relay 4x5 organized by RunCzech. The specific aim of the Yellow Ribbon Run project is to encourage employers in fighting prejudice, and to give ex-convicts a chance to work.

"It is easy to sit in jail and spend years in the bedroom. But I don´t want to. First I want to complete my education and get a diploma and I hope in finding a good job after my release from prison. That's why I started running and joined the Yellow Ribbon Run project. I'm close to sports because I did athletics in my childhood. The fact that I will run for so many people who need a second chance is a real big motivation," says Michaela.

The series of Wednesday events will be opened by a press conference with Michael Specking, General Director of hotel Hilton Prague; Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech Organizing Committee, Petr Dohnal, General Director of the Prison Service, Gabriela Slováková, Director of the women´s Prison Světlá nad Sázavou, Lenka Ouředníčková, Director of Services of RUBIKON Centrum and prisoners.

“The company Hilton Worldwide focuses among others on such CSR activities, which support the work integration. Hotel industry offers a wide range of job opportunities and so it can make the start of new employees easier and may help them to solve their often very difficult life situation. I am very happy and proud of being able to be part of such initiatives,“ quoted Michael Specking, General Director of the hotel Hilton Prague.
And Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech Organizing Committee, follows: “We support the Yellow Ribbon Run Project for one single reason – people simply deserve a second chance. And if you get a job, the probability that you use your second chance well and return back to normal life is much higher. A meaningful spending of free time is also important, and here the running can serve very well.”
Job Interview Simulations are a practical demonstration of how to help people with a criminal past and support their re-employment in the labour market without prejudice.
Job simulations create a unique space where real employers and ex-convicts searching for a job meet at one table. "It has often happened to us that our trainee impressed the interviewer and he or she was offered a job on the spot," says Lenka Ouředníčková, the Director of Services in RUBIKON Centrum. "Candidates have the opportunity to test how a real job interview works in practice, they learn to communicate with their employer and they learn to talk more clearly and effectively about their criminal history. Employers, on the other hand, have described their experience as an "aha" moment – face to face a job applicant with a criminal past, they are often confronted with a skilled person motivated to work and their prejudice goes away," continues Lenka Ouředníčková.

It is important to mention that ten companies involved in the Yellow Ribbon Run project currently employ prisoners and give them a chance to get a job after their release. In recent years, these companies have created about 300 jobs for inmates and nearly 100 for former convicts.

The Yellow Ribbon Run project is held under the auspices of the Czech Minister of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Public Defender of Rights.
Races with a yellow ribbon – half marathon, marathon and relays – are being held under the auspices of three RunCzech races, and will be attended altogether by 900 runners. The 2017 edition of the prison run is co-organized with the help from the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the Business Leaders Forum platform, which associates socially responsible firms, the nonprofit organization RUBIKON Centre, the Czech Probation and Mediation Service and RunCzech.

The project was made possible thanks to our partners. The company D.A.S. Ltd. is our general partner. Kostelec Sausages, Inc. is our golden partner. We also thank to our silver partners: LMC Ltd., Czech Forests Czech Republic and United Bakeries Inc., Bronze partners - Arriva Transport Czech Republic Inc., Hamerník Ltd., Schindler CZ, DP Work Ltd., Lion Products Ltd. and the marketing agency Wunderman. We have also partners supporting individual runners like Haryservis, Jevišovice Agro Inc., Froněk Ltd., Jipocar, IP System Inc and Still ČR. The project is also supported by individual runners from A-Giga Ltd., Microsoft, Axocom Ltd. and by a non-profit organization Helping Hands. Material support provided Dermacol Ltd. and Papei Ltd. Our main media partner is the Czech Television and Pro Fair Play is our other partner for media.

The partner of the project and the whole event are the hotels Hilton Prague and Hilton Prague Old Town.


Vězeňská služba ČR, Věznice Světlá nad Sázavou
Gabriela Slováková
ředitelka věznice a iniciátorka YRR
mob.: +420 602 622 299
email: GSlovakova@vez.sve.justice.cz

Prague International Marathon, spol. s r.o. / Tempo Team Prague s.r.o.
Tadeáš Mahel
PR & Media
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Probační a mediační služba
Kristina Labohá
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Ředitelka PR
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email: beganyova@rubikoncentrum.cz

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